Crash, By 72

This is a story. But not just any story. Grace's story...

When the United States is in so much debt other countries start forcing themselves into the US to take money they are owed, Amercan president Drew Don legalizes slavery to pay China and parts of Europe back in people. Poor, homeless people. People like Grace.

But China decides to change the game again. They don't want people; they want money.

Sent back to America with no home, no food, no friends, and no family like millions of other former slaves trying to survive in a place no longer familiar to them, Grace doesn't know what to do. She is captured and taken to a camp where she is rationed small amounts of stale bread and warm water.

Figuring she has nothing to lose, Grace decides to break into a computer lab that holds data of everyone in the world to see if she has any friends or family left alive. But when the police catch her, she expects any punishment except the one the police give to her.

It's 4017, and it's been three years since Billy was found by the police when he came back to America and sent to work in an army of children. He misses his old life; his family, friends and girlfriend he promised to her he would find before  Billy was sold in China.

Because he promised, Billy tries to find her. But to try and find his highschool sweatheart means breaking into a computer lab and trying to locate her. Because breaking into a hightech security lab is difficult, especially in the year 4017 with millions of peices of spyware, finding his girlfriend will be virtually impossible.

So Billy is not surprised when the police find out  he's broken into a lab and arrested... the consequence of his action, though, is most unexpected.

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